We love to make new dresses according to your individual requests. We have a big experience in this business. It’s easy to make an order with a few simple steps:

  • Your wishes

Please tell us your personal requests. The style and the budget of the future dress should be discussed. If you have no idea, just rely on us – be sure, the result will be perfect. Then it’s needed to fill out the measurement form so that we know your exact sizes. We make our costumes without fitting.

  • Sketch

Our designer prepares a sketch. We need a small deposit before starting this work. After your approval we need to get prepayment and start the job.

  • Pricing

The price of each dress depends on many things – complexity of job, price of fabrics, crystals and accessories, urgency, etc. In any case we do not produce bad and cheap things. Any dress whether it’s cheaper or more expensive will be perfect, individual and made with passion. To make the price to fit the budget it’s possible to use less or more crystals, Swarovski or Chinese rhinestones etc.

  • Payment

It’s possible to send money by SWIFT transfer to our bank account or by Western Union (this way is easier to do and faster, but more expensive).

  • Delivery

When your dress is ready we will post it to you by EMS, DHL, TNT or other courier service.